Hello, world!

I’m Eugenia, comic artist/illustrator and lawyer trainee from Schwabach, Germany.

I learned everything I know about art by myself and prefer the dark side of it. I am fascinated with the creative fields I work in today since childhood. In darkness we find ourselves, in victory over the fears we had.

My path until now:

2009-2016 ACEOS (2.5“x3.5“) lots of them!

2014 exhibition at Kunstmeile Allersberg

2016 artist booth at Frankenmexx #3 2016, Nuremberg


  • artist booth at CMC Oberhausen 2017, Oberhausen
  • workshop artist at Mega Manga Tag 2017, Nuremberg
  • participating artist at the annual exhibition of the Kunst+Design Schule Bienert, Nuremberg

publications: Zeitlos Artbook (contributing artist)


  • publications as a contributing artist:
    • Mythen und Legenden Artbook 
    • Rapidpunches’s Community Zine
    • LGBT+ Monster Zine 
    • Queer OC Zine (in preparation)
  • comic guest art for:

Der Schilderich/Fervorcraft’s „Ovum“ Vol 3
M. Lang’s „Sister Jack“ First Issue